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Island Miangas,Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Miangas outer islands of Indonesia is located near the border between Indonesia and the Philippines. The island is included in Miangas village, district Nanusa, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Miangas is one of the islands belonging to the cluster of islands Nanusa immediately adjacent to the Philippines

Melonguane Beach,Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

This coast located in sidetown of Melonguane ( Capital City of Talaud Regency), with white sand, great place, wonderful view and also have the clear water, this place is very great to visit.

Sara Island,Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sara Island located between Karakelang Island and Salibabu Islands that can reach by Speed Boat about 15 minutes from Melonguane. Sara Island have white sand too, and have beautiful fantastic and wonderful view from under water

Tabang Beach Talaud

Tabang is one of the villages located in the district Rainis, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi province, Indonesia

Totombatu Cave is a Historical Place of Talaud

This Cave Is Located Between Niampak and Tarohan village approximately 45 minutes from Melonguane by Car

Friday, November 18, 2011

A grave Traces History Talaud

Totombatu Goa is a unique rock cave contains a collection of human skulls, located on the shoreline at the southern end of the village Tarohan, Karakelang Island, Talaud Islands. This cave is located on a small rock hill about 8 feet tall, which protrudes into the sea as far as fifty yards. It draws from this place is a stone structure that forms the cave is very diverse, consisting of rocks, limestone and older rocks are full of cracks. Among the clusters that are indented notches formed caves, some of which form a large hole, so it can be passed by more than one human body. At the top of the rock structure covered with various trees and shrubs typical of coastal areas. On one set of lush shrubs on a hilltop stone cave that holds that there are 33 skulls and human bones. From this place we can see Salibabu island, Nusa islands in the harbor basin headland Lobo and Beo. That said, according to locals speech, of yore, there is a plateau called Tarapahan, which means mountain of nine. On the mountain is believed by villagers Tarohan as ethnic origin Talaud. But there has been no definite story that tries to explain the existence of a collection of people in this Tarapahan plains. Some claimed that the collection of the society is a society of migrants from the island Mangindano, or the Philippines Mindanao.
Taengetan added, the number of skulls and bones in the cave rock more than 100 pieces. This means there are 100 more ancestors who died and his head is taken to be put in a stone cave. One of the large number of skulls were nearly 50 cm in diameter are believed to belong Tatuhe. However, when visiting the cave Pontolondo only meet about 33 skulls were found alone and not the giant's skull as described Tatuhe locals. One thing to point out about the existence of a giant skull Tatuhe is the existence of segments of the human thigh bone and the calf which has a size of about 15 cm longer than the segment size of normal human bone Indonesia calf and thigh. Told that the bones were missing from the cave because it is stolen, and the greatest place in the latter half of the 1960s when there was a group of people purporting to be from the Netherlands who then carry the number of objects including a large jar containing a giant skull. Urns and relics were later taken Taengetan according to the Netherlands and until now no more information that explains the existence of a number of the stolen objects. Because of the narrowness of residential areas, the population Totombatu within the next 300 years since their arrival from the highlands Tarapahan then spread to the villages on the coast Karakelang. While most of which are still lagging behind and then moved to the north, precisely in the south end of the current Tarohan village, known as the literary language as Maninggungkota. In the mid-19th century, the population residing in Maninggungkota then moved again to a wider plains in the north up to now and in the village called Tarohan. Tarohan called because it is located between two rivers. But there are different versions about the name of the opening Tarohan Tarohan story of popular resistance to the Dutch. It is said that Tarohan derived from the Malay language "Bet". That village is at stake between Mangenti, king Tarohan with the Dutch colonial rulers who came from the direction Melonguanne and who intend to take over the village Tarohan. The bet was, if the king can not move people Mangenti of Maninggungkota within four months of the Tarohan will be taken by the Dutch. But the king with his people to build Tarohan Mangenti, both home and fortress that surrounds Tarohan in just 40 days and 40 nights.
Tarohan can be free for a while from the Dutch. Successor to the king of kings Endang Mangenti Mentiri not follow in the footsteps of its predecessor to compromise with the Dutch. He did not want kerajaanya be part of the colonial Dutch. Thus the colonial government then took steps to bring some troops and soldiers to directly capture the king Endang. After a period of hiding from the Dutch, the king Endang then caught in the woods near the plains Tarapahan after the Netherlands-in-law persuaded the king Endang, the brother of the king's wife to show hiding Endang. Finally he was exiled to the island of Pigs, which is one of the islands adjacent to the island of Nusakambangan. In a way that is not in the know by the people, the king Endang can finally escape the island and return to Tarohan Pigs. Arriving at Tarohan he then promptly handed the reins of power into the hands of the king Aaron Sarendeng and he later changed his name to Mangule. This event coincided with the attack on the Dutch-led Tukunan Arangka'a Larenggam led by the king in 1893. With the passing of time, too Tarohan changed, the fortress that surrounds the village which was once the royal city and then collapsed by an earthquake in 1936 and was followed in 1971. While some relics of the ancient weapons of the Dutch are now beginning to be damaged by rust, and stored at home local residents. In the end Tarohan history, stories and Totombatu Tarapahan stored only in the minds of traditional elders and was almost lost in the absence of documentation and care of the younger generation Tarohan, Talaud government and society in Talaud culture lovers. Hopefully, this worry is not the case, and the story of Tarapahan, Tarohan history and existence of a unique Totombatu can be maintained from generation to generation.

Habit Community

Talaud [KADNET] - Consecrated Women Adventist (BWA) Talaud district of North and South Essang BWA district sports meet along the beach Lalue Village, sub Essang, Talaud district, on Sunday, June 14, 2009. Meeting this sport is the inaugural meeting between the two districts, sponsored by the department BWA two districts. This meeting was held to further enhance the ties of friendship between the two BWA member districts.
Before the sports activities are held together preceded by a brief worship. Worship is led by the mother D. Sandil, Talaud BWA coordinator of the North and the sermon by the mother of M. Soriton, BWA coordinator Essang south. After worship forwarded by planning several meetings and agendas such as activities that will be made later for the next 2 years by both districts.
Meeting this sport is filled with a variety of sports and games such as football, volleyball, running marbles, running three legs, and other games of interest. Can be seen enthusiasm from mothers BWA two districts to follow this sport event with many mothers who attended the BWA meeting this sport. We pray for the BWA in the two districts can be more forward again. God bless us all.

Marampit Island Expedition, District Talaud

Marampit Island in Nanusa Islands with an area of ​​14.99 square km. Administratively, the island is included into the district area Nanusa, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi. Marampit island inhabited by the 1436 Soul, with community livelihood as farmers and fishermen. Copra, nutmeg, and fruits are bought and sold crops there. While the fishermen sell the fish to the reef fish Karatung, Capital Nanusa Islands. Marampit population inhabit four villages namely Marampit, Laluhe, Dampulis, and Marampit East. Four villages into place data collection Frontier Expedition Marampit Island archipelago. Dampulis known as a fishing village and has a tradition of making a boat. Marampit boat has its own peculiarities. Is small and has a roof. The roof is used as penghalau large waves that are often found in waters around the Islands Nanusa. Marampit in Talaud means Closures. This is because due to the shape of this island. The island is located in front Marampit Bantek Island, Big Island that have a shape like a horseshoe. Horseshoe shape is like a closed because Marampit Island right in front of him. Bantek island itself is now gone along with the tsunami earthquake that occurred in the 10th century and now only remaining Kakarotan Island at the southern end. Marampit rich in endemic flora and fauna. The expedition team discovered a variety of flora and fauna are unique and not found in other areas such as the old crab Walnuts, Pergam or better known as a forest dove, and Kingfisher with a variety of colors. On the island there is a fortress of karst heritage Marampit Bantek Kingdom. The text of the description of Queen Banua, known to exist in the Kingdom Bantek Ages 7 and had fought to maintain the territory of the Zulu Kingdom, the Philippines. Now the ruins of the fortress can easily be found in Marampit. From the fort it was also revealed that the Kingdom of Majapahit had stopped at the island Marampit. This can be seen from the tiles left in the fortress of the karst. Marampit, a property that we should keep

Talaud Islands District Profiles

Talaud Islands. capital Melonguane. Has an area of ​​1251.02 km2 and is divided into 8 districts. Countries bordering the Philippine territory in the north, the Sangihe Talaud district in the south, the Celebes Sea in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east.
View Larger Map Plantation remains a center of economic activity Talaud Islands. Nutmeg, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, pepper and cloves are still unreliable. But of the six commodities, nutmeg seeded. Plants are often used as sweets initersebar evenly throughout the district. Since the Dutch colonial era, has become a commodity trading nutmeg penting.Proses easy maintenance and high selling price is a driving factor other plant communities Talaud nutmeg. Not only are traded nutmeg. Mace mace also called high economic value. Fuli usually can use to spices and ointments. Plantation agriculture is dominated economic activity Talaud Islands. However, behind it, the activities of food crops still have potential. Only, all of the untapped potential maximum. Support facilities and infrastructure such as irrigation agriculture is still not well managed. In fact, if the potential of food crops cultivated by the maximum, in Talaud food needs can be met immediately. Coconut is the largest crop diahasilkan, but this area is still importing oil from Manado and Bitung, this is because the coconut processing industry has not developed into cooking oil, as well as for industrial processing of clove and nutmeg are also not yet available.
Besides having excellent komodutas of plantation, this maritime region has the potential of marine fisheries with the commodity form of tuna, grouper, overpasses, skipjack, and Farmed sea such as seaweed, sea cucumbers, and pearl oysters. In the area of ​​these islands there is only one pier at the beach the fish peangkapan Dagho, Tamako District, Big Island Sangir. From agricultural, plantation and fishery also have a major impact on trade. Trade became the foundation of livelihood after agriculture. the existence of road infrastructure is adequate will make it easier for traders to interact so as to accelerate both the flow of goods and services, this area has also been found Melongauane airport located in Talaud Islands, three main Pelabuahan Lirung Port, Port Karatung, and the Port Miangas, and there are various supporting facilities and infrastructure facilities including power plants, water, gas and telecommunications networks.

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